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November 2019
Exhibition with The Binder of Women.

September 2019
Featured Artist at the Emerson Art Center, Bozeman, MT.

June 2019
New studio at the Emerson Art Center.

April 2019
Group exhibition “Naked Lake” at Massman Gallery, Okaland, CA.

March 2019
Screen of a preview of my short movie “Novela” with at Art Movement, Los Angeles, CA. Curated by BBQLA.
February 2019
Group exhibition “Reprise: American Fine Arts, an Allegory for Americas” at Art Movement, Los Angeles, CA.

February 2019
Group exhibition “Skill Tree” at Honey Ramka , Brooklyn, NY.

January 2019
Group exhibition “Subject/Observer” at Keystone Art Space , Los Angeles, CA. 

December 2018
Curated group exhibition along with Kysa Jonhson and Laurie Nye called “Held In Common” -- the launching exhibition for Unibrow at 0.0-LA in Los Angeles, CA.

October 2018
Solo exhibition “Not Like in the Movies” at Nook Gallery in Oakland, CA. 

Nook Gallery is pleased to announce, Not Like in the Movies, a solo show by Bruna Massadas. Please join us for the opening reception on October 13th from 7–10pm. Works will be on view from October 13th–November 17th, open on the opening reception, Saturdays 12–3pm, and by appointment.

In telling her story of immigration from Brazil to the United States at the age of 15, Massadas recreates an adolescent world overwhelmed by Americanized fantasies: the kind ruled by blond-haired, blue-eyed beauties; the kind filled with laugh tracks and dramatic closeups and the inevitable happy ending. But she also depicts the actual America she soon encountered: high school halls crowded with immigrants and teenage hormones; nights plagued by typical worries over fashion and boyfriends, but complicated with anxieties over language and cultural assimilation.

Not Like in the Movies, is a multimedia project that strives for the cinematic: painting merged with storytelling, vivid imagery paired with vocal performance. But unlike a movie, sound and image are not in perfect sync. The paintings, verging on graphic memoir, only hint at a story experienced more fully through headphones; yet as Massadas vividly describes a world dominated by visuals and often confused by language, the listener encounters image after image that wasn’t painted, key moments that didn’t end up hanging on the wall. In this way, Not Like in the Movies, is a movie in fragments — a Brazilian girl’s hoped-for Hollywood ending that’s been disassembled and closely examined, but only partially put back together again.

August 2018
Group exhibition “Heat Wave” with the Binder of Women at Guerrero Gallery in San Fransico. 

July 2018
My writing “Pink Hills” for Preston Kalogiros on thier Petite Sirah Rosé. 

June 2018
Fund the Nook Fundraising group exhibition. 

June 2018 Good Smoke group exhibition at 0-0 L.A. with the Binder of Women in Los Angeles.

June 2018
Good Poke group exhibition at 0-0 L.A. with the Binder of Women in Los Angeles.

May 2018
BBQLA traveling exhibition “on the tip of my tongue: part 2 of american fine arts”  at Cloaca Project in San Francisco.

April 2018
The Face Painter solo exhibition at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco.

November 2017
TAKEOVER exhibition at Alter Space in San Francisco.

November 2017
Group exhibition with CTRL+SHFT Collective members at Adobe Books in San Francisco.

November 2017
New studio at CTRL+SHFT Collective in Oakland.

September 2017
Group Exhibition: Missed Connections, Santa Ana, CA.

July 2017
Featured in article on FAD Magazine, London, UK.

July 2017
Group Exhibition: IN PAPER WE TRUST , London, UK.

July 2017
Featured in Take Over, Oakland, CA.

June 2017Friends, Do Not Fear group show in West Hollywood, CA.

May 2017
CCA Gala Exhibition in San Francisco, CA.

April 2017
Two-person exhibition with artist Daniel Gibson at Some.Time.Salon in San Francisco, CA.

February 2017 The Painting Salon Artist Talk at The Laundry with Woodrow White.

January 2017
Interview for Command Zine (by Greg Burak).

December 2016
A Opening/ Fundraiser event for 215 Orleans,Beaumont, TX.

November 2016
Alma Mater: 2016 Alumni Exhibition Opening Reception, San Francisco, CA.

September 2016
LTAC: NOW, Little Tokyo Art Complex, Los Angeles, CA.

May 2016
Group exhibition at Little Tokyo Art Complex, Los Angeles, CA.

April 2016
Solo exhibition at the Room and Border in Long Beach, CA.

April 2016
Solo exhibition at the Room and Border in Long Beach, CA.

February 2016
Featured artist in Brasil Best Magazine.

January 2016
I was awarded the Arts Council for Long Beach microgrant to attend the Vermont Studio Center.

January 2016
I was awarded a partial merit-based scholarship to attend the Vermont Studio Center and will be attending the residency between January 3rd-16th.

December 2015
I was awarded the staff development funding from Fullerton College to attend the Vermont Studio Center.

December 2015
Artwork featured on American Chordata, Brooklyn, NY. (Page 185-202).

November 2015
Hôtel D'Alsace, curated by James Gobel, Bustamante Gill, Culver City, CA.

April 2015
Group Exhibition: We've Got a Funny Face curated by Elizabeth Eicher and Helene Schlumberger, The Living-Room Gallery, Houston, TX.

September 2014
Featured in The Chapess in the U.K.

August 2014
Interview for Exetera magazine in the U.K.

April 2014 Exhibition Kissing and Crying with Adair Stephens and Katelyn Eichwald in Los Angeles.

August 2013
Group Exhibition The Rights of my Passage in Long Beach.

March 2013
Featured in Little Paper Planes's exhibition series Inspiration Station.